From Clients:

65% of our business year after year is repeat business with satisfield clients. Here is a sampling of why:

We are so happy we selected MRI The Boston Group as our recruiting partner – it was definitely the right choice. What comes to mind when I think of MRI is your level of professionalism and the depth of your network and contacts. With any search, there is often a great deal of sensitivity, which is something your team focused in on quickly and never compromised our wishes. You have made a point to get to know us well, our organization, our people, and our business goals. Because of your attention and focus on our first search, and because of the number of outstanding candidates presented, we eagerly engaged MRI for two additional searches across our business and across the country.

We can’t thank you enough. You found us the unicorn that we were looking for! When we started this search we told you that we thought this would be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Thankfully you found it for us! In his first week on the job with us, "X" has wildly exceeded our very high expectations. Every step of the way, Brian and Ken and your whole team have not only helped us build this business, but you have been true partners as well.

I have been fortunate to work with the MRI team as both a hiring manager and job candidate. As a hiring manager, David was my primary contact at MRI, working iligently to meet the T's&C's requirements of our parent company, while continuing to send me well vetted and highly qualified candidates. What really stood out to me was how well prepared the MRI candidates were for the interview and as a recent candidate placed by MRI myself, I know first hand how David and the entire MRI team take the time to understand your career and personal goals and work to find the best long-term match with the employers they represent. I saw this first hand in the time David and his team spent with me, preparing me for interviews and recently helping me land an absolute dream position. Whether you are looking to hire top talent or looking to make a career move, I highly recommend calling David and the team at MRI The Boston Group. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

We retained Management Recruiters – The Boston Group to help us identify and attract top talent. Jack Mohan and his team have delivered impact players that are helping us to achieve our goal of growing our customer base. It has been great working with MRI The Boston Group – they have been a tremendous and valued partner.

For the last three decades, we have worked closely with Management Recruiters – The Boston Group – to help us meet our hiring needs. They are very effective and focused in the recruiting process. Management Recruiters has come to know us well and has spent time to learn the industry that we operate in. They will regularly forward us candidates that they come across that they think would be a good fit for us. They have taken the time to get to know our organization and our needs, and thereby save (our company) a lot of time in the recruiting process.

I have worked with many search and recruiting firms over the years, and Management Recruiters, Jack Mohan and Jane Pollock and their teams, is the one executive search firm that I have stayed with from the beginning. We have developed a great working relationship, and I consider their group to be a great recruiting partner.

I do want to thank your organization for the follow up and attention to detail. At all times (Management Recruiters) represented your company and client with the utmost level of professionalism. I have worked with many recruiters in my career and would place MRI´s Boston Group on my list as a valuable resource when seeking future personnel. Lastly, Don was just great in his handling this so there was a win – win for all involved. Once again thank you and your staff.

I am very pleased to have "X" join our company and I am very confident that this year will be a great year for us. I would like to thank Rick for all his work. I had met several executive search companies before I knew Rick, but on the first call, I knew Rick would be the one to work with. He went beyond my expectation and he not only brought many great candidates but gave me a variety of insights about growing out to be a real company from the early stage startup.

Robin is a pleasure to work with. We continue to build a very close working relationship. She knows me, my needs, the hospital, and the surrounding area(s) extremely well. It makes her very effective and efficient when recruiting candidates for me. Many times she has the exclusive recruitment on positions for me for this reason. She is attentive, responsive and professional while being friendly and personable. I appreciate her and she is a wonderful asset to your team.

We are very excited "X" will be joining our company. Margaret has become a very important resource when we have IT or analytical positions open. She has come to know our culture and sends applicants that not only have the required skills, but also will "fit". She is a pleasure to work with; always professional and responsive. You have become one of my "go to" recruiters.

We are very excited to have "X" join the team. David and his group did an exceptional job in all aspects of recruiting this candidate. Their ability to locate him and to discuss our company in detail with him were huge factors in his accepting the offer. Overall it was a very good experience.

From Candidates:

Thank you! I am extremely excited about my new position. I would like to share a few words with you concerning your service – it is the best! I strongly recommend anyone looking for a career move to use MRI The Boston Group.

I am grateful for the hard work of your team. I´m not sure I can say enough about the exceptional professionalism, energy and resourcefulness of Audrey Brava. She has been in my corner for almost a year now, searching for the right fit and I am confident we have done just that. She’s a treasure!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heart felt gratitude for all of the outstanding help extended to me by David and his team. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. To think this opportunity came to fruition due to your employees´ diligence and I believe genuine desire to find a candidate like myself a perfect fit to ensure a satisfying tenure with a very successful company. I also must let you know that I was looking at several different companies and with several different recruiters. Suffice to say your services were unmatched. I thank you again and look forward to talking with your firm in the future.

It was such a pleasure working with Laura. She quickly established a relationship demonstrating enthusiasm, expertise and a genuine concern for my best interest. Always honest, Laura guided me through the process with professional courtesy and consistency. She naturally created excitement, inspiring me to advance my career. Her well-rounded professional experience and clear communication provided me with the motivation necessary to pursue the opportunity.

Thank you and the entire MRI Boston Group for assisting and playing such a crucial role in advancing my career; your encouragement is greatly appreciated. I especially thank Keri for the exceptional job she did in making this placement happen; from making the initial contact through to the final offer; her guidance, reassurances and communication at every stage of this process demonstrated her unmatched competence, professionalism and commitment to her clients – it’s an impressive reflection of the spirit of the entire MRI – Boston Group. Thanks Keri and the entire MRI – Boston Group. Please stay in contact.